We’re Back!

As you are probably already aware, our guitarist Jackie took a tumble near the end of last year which resulted in some injuries (including to her wrist) which have taken some time to heal. During this time we were much indebted to her brother Carl, who manfully stood in so we could honour our bookings. Jackie is now properly on the mend, and we have some upcoming gigs for your calendar.

We are actively booking gigs going forward. If you would like us to come and entertain you, please get in touch.

Panic Room + Ethryll
Saturday 3rd June 2017. Doors 7.30pm
Local Authority @ Corporation, Milton Street, Sheffield
Ethryll will be supporting the superb female fronted five piece Panic Room. www.PanicRoom.org.uk
Tickets £16 in advance from Corporation, Sheffield
14+ only.

Five Rivers Music Festival
The RS Bar – 156 St Mary’s Road, S2 4AX Sheffield
16th-18th June 2017. Ethryll performing on Saturday 17th June.
Kingfisher Blue Music and The Royal Standard present the Five Rivers Music Festival, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. More than 20 bands and performers over 3 days. Tickets £5 (£3 conc.) per day or weekend tickets £10 (£6 conc.)
ALL proceeds to Macmillam Cancer Support. Tickets will be available from 25th February from The Royal Standard.

Please note that May’s Strangefish Gig has been moved to December 2017.

Ethryll Newsletter – September 2016

Hello Ethryllites Everywhere! My Goodness, September Already!

Ethryll have been having an exciting summer. Between the excitement of some super gigs such as the Sheffield Tramlines Festival and our behind the scenes work on our first album “Murmuration” we have been busy little bees. More on both of these later. Firstly we would like to tell you about some upcoming chances to see us live.

Upcoming Gigs

Saturday 10th September 2016 – Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield.
Maer Atholl Shelter Music Marathon
13.00-21.30 (Ethryll on at around 21.00)
Ethryll will be performing this coming Saturday to help raise funds for the Maer Achol Shelter. This shelter provides help to street children in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and is an extremely worthy cause. We hope you can join us and dig deep to support their fantastic work.

Sunday 11th September 2016Flying Scotsman Tap, Silver Street, Doncaster
7pm until late
This event is an open mic night with a featured headlining band (that’s us this time). Knowing Doncaster’s lively and diverse open mic scene, you are in for a treat. Due to the nature of the event timings are a little fluid. Things kick off from 7pm, and we will be on at around 9-9.30 ish. We look forward to seeing any Doncaster Ethryllites who can make it along.

Tuesday 27th September 2016 – The Folk Train – Second Carriage
7.14pm to Manchester Picadilly from Sheffield Station (Please check platform on the night)
It is with immense excitement that Ethryll will be playing on the Folk Train. For the uninitiated, the Folk Train is the 19.14 to Manchester Picadilly from Sheffield Station on the 4th Tuesday of every month. Each month a featured folk band entertains the passengers between Sheffield and Edale, where everyone decamps to the The Rambler Inn and the entertainment continues until everyone returns on the 21.29 train to Sheffield with the band still playing. Recently the Folk Train has been hugely popular, so much so that there is overspill into the second carriage. September’s main band is the Porch Lizards. Ethryll will be performing in the second carriage to make sure all the folkie passengers are suitably entertained. Please note that Ethryll will not be performing at the Rambler Inn.

Tuesday 4th October 2016Ethryll at West Street Live
West Street Live, West Street, Sheffield
Doors at 7.30pm More information on other artists and timings to follow.

Tuesday 18th October 2016Ethryll supporting “What the Folk” at the RS Bar
The Royal Standard, 156 St Mary’s Road, Sheffield.
Doors from 7.30pm
Summer Fun

This summer as been a fantastic time. One of the highlights has been the Sheffield Tramlines Festival. We were invited to perform on the “Bird Table Stage” in the “Folk Forest” in Endcliffe Park by the excellent Richard Masters of Bell Hagg Orkestar (or you may remember him from Poke if you were a 90’s student). Weather wise, there could not have been a more perfect day. We got to sing “Burning Blue” under an actual burning blue sky as picnic blankets and knotted hankied heads filled the park in front of the stage. The atmosphere was amazing, and it was great to see so many young folk fans enjoying the day. Thanks to everyone who came to support us. Here are a couple of pics from the day.

Ethryll playing the Bird Table Stage at Tramlines Folk Forest in July 2016.
Ethryll playing the Bird Table Stage at Tramlines Folk Forest in July 2016.

13775397_1111062032288824_861143865059976302_n (1)
We also enjoyed a return to West Street Ale House (OMG the beer is sooooo good). Always a great place to play, and it was great to see so many friends there. We were up against the Olympics Opening Ceremony, but were very pleased (and slightly relieved) that we still got plenty of people in.


The work on Murmuration continues. We are still not yet at a point where we can give a release date, but we are still aiming for it to happen in 2016 if we can. Eel Reel with it’s miriad tempo changes has presented some distinct challenges, but no laptops have been hefted through windows (yet).

Lyrics Insights 3 – The Eel Reel

Lyrics Insights 3 – The Eel Reel

Good afternoon Ethryllites. I hope you have all been enjoying the first sunny days of spring. This week’s song insight is into  “The Eel Reel” a jolly sounding song with a dark story behind it. Before we begin, a quick update for you.

News Update

New Gig – Thursday 12th May 2016 – The RS Bar, The Royal Standard

On 12th May 2016 Ethryll will be appearing with two other groups / artists (which are still to be confirmed) at The RS Bar at the Royal Standard , 156 St. Mary’s Road, Sheffield S2 4AX. We will let you know as soon as we have more details on the other artists. Hope we can see you there.

Don’t forget the RoofRaiser for Refugees on Saturday 14th May 2016, at Shakespeares in Sheffield. This is for a fantastic cause, we hope you can make it down to lend your support.


The Eel Reel

You may be surprised to learn that the Eel Reel is a cautionary tale for children about tsunamis. Tsunamis are caused by massive seismic events (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions). They can cause devastation hundreds and even thousands of miles away from the epicentre. People affected by a tsunami may not feel any other effects of the earthquake.

The tsunami caused by the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 was recorded to be as high as 46m when they destroyed the town of Merak. They travelled far enough to rock ships off the coast of South Africa and fluctuations in sea level were even detected in the English Channel. Since the cataclysmic Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 an improved networks of sensors in the Pacific ocean can give the people living along the Pacific Rim a life saving warning. Nature does, however, give it’s own short warning of a Tsunami about to strike. The sea rapidly and eerily retreats, often far further than a normal low tide. Minutes before the Boxing Day tsunami hit, people were going down to the beach to photograph the retreating sea and stranded marine life. However, this few minutes warning, could have given more people time to reach a safer place. 

The Eel Reel begins with a young child waking their parents early to come and look at the beach. The sea has run away, and the sands are covered with fish flapping and dancing desperately about. It moves into a chorus where the child fantasises about dancing and playing with the fish. The odd pun in the lyrics, and the quirky similes convey the child’s joy and wonder at the phenomenon.

The reel section really tests the nimble fingers of the band as each repeat through the reel is faster and faster and more embellished. As the song ends, it tells how the child’s parents know the significance of the sea running away. They rush the child, who is innocent of the danger, to the best haven they can reach in time. The highest room of a strong building. Hopefully, in future, more people will know the meaning of a rapidly retreating sea. 

Here you can watch an early video clip of the Eel Reel at Acoustic Edge.

The Eel Reel

Wake up! Mummy! Daddy!
I know it’s still the break of day,
Don’t be angry, I have to show you,
The sea has run away.
Now all you can see,
Are miles of rock and sand,
Why did the sea run away?
Is it scared of the land?

(Spoken ) 1,2,3,4

Chorus x2
I am off to dance with the fishes on the sand,
We will probably do a cod reel,
Waltzing fin in hand,
They wear moustaches and sequin suits,
They leap and sparkle ‘round my boots,
I’m off to the beach, come on and bring the band!

Reel Section

(Spoken)  5,6,7,8

Chorus x2
I am off to dance with the fishes on the sand,
We will probably do a cod reel,
Waltzing fin in hand,
They wear moustaches and sequin suits,
They leap and sparkle ‘round my boots,
I’m off to the beach, come on and bring the band!

Verse 2
Quickly my parents pulled me,
To the highest room,
My Dad said “Hurry, the building’s strong,
The sea will be back soon.”
But I just sat and cried,
For the lost opportunity,
To spend my morning dancing,
With my new friends from the sea.

Lyrics Insights 1 – Wait ’til I Get You Home

Hello again Ethryllites. I hope you are all having fun and generally being awesome on this fine spring day. We enjoyed a fabulous gig on Friday night at the West Street Ale House. It is a great new venue, and you need to try the beer. Delicious.

On Wednesday next week (13th April) we continue our “World Tour of West Street” at West Street Live. We hope to see you there, treating yourself to an outrageous cocktail and some good tunes. The perfect remedy for hump day.


At Friday’s gig I had a request to start posting some of Ethryll’s Lyrics on our website. I thought this was an epic idea. I am hoping it may even lead to more singing along. So over the next few weeks I will be writing some features about our songs, including the lyrics and some insights.

Wait ’til I Get You Home

“Wait ‘til I Get You Home” is about a couple, one of whom is an extrovert, the other is more reserved. The song tells about the social awkwardness this creates for them. However, the song also tells how all’s well when they get home and it’s just the two of them. The song is not about any particular couple, it is based on patterns I have observed in many relationships of friends, family, colleagues and fellow conspirators. The song does not specify the genders of the couple. So don’t be surprised if it reminds you of some people you know, or even of yourself.

The song writing process for “Wait ‘til I Get You Home” began whilst I was driving, and was hastily scribbled down in my notebook whilst parked in a lay-by. To start with it was quite “straight” but I knew I wanted to use my new djembe in it. What brought the song truly to life was when Jackie and Kris got hold of it. Jackie changed the guitar part to more flamenco inspired rhythm, and Kris added a calypso style bass line. Added to this, Martin’s fiddle is more traditional UK folk. Like chocolate and chilli, it probably shouldn’t work, but it does.

You can hear us performing Wait ’til I Get You Home at West Street Ale House in this youtube video.


Wait ‘til I Get You Home – © Ethryll 2016

Verse 1

Tonight you’ve been laughing a little too loud,
Tonight you’ve been acting a little too proud,
Tonight perhaps you’ve raised one more glass than you should,
That pot plant you’re chatting up would run it it could,
And you’re dancing like my dad, After too much coffee,
I forgot on nights like this, You can get really bossy,
It might surprise them all but it happens to be true,
The best part of the evening will be leaving with you.


Wait ‘till I get you home, darling,
Wait ‘till I get you home,
They just can’t understand why we fight on no man’s land,
Wait ‘till I get you home

Verse 2

Tonight I’ve scarce seen a smile on your face,
Tonight you’ve been acting with funereal grace,
Stood by the wall with that stick up your butt,
Too cool to come out on the dance floor and strut,
On the edge of conversation, Wincing at jokes,
Your Monosyllabic, Responses are like croaks,
It might surprise them all but it happens to be true,
The best part of the evening will be leaving with you,

Chorus X 2 Bridge Chorus X 2


Wait ‘till I get you home, Wait ‘till I get you home, Wait ‘till I get you home (Cha, cha, cha).

Ethryll April Newsletter

Welcome to Spring Ethryllites Everywhere!

Coming Up this April

Friday April 8th 2016 – West Street Ale House, Sheffield – from 8pm

Wednesday April 13th 2016 – West Street Live, Sheffield – from 7.30pm

Saturday May 14th 2016 – RoofRaiser for Refugees at Shakespeares, Gibraltar Street, Sheffield  – from 7.30pm. Ethryll will be the guests of Kingfisher Blue and The Bell Hagg Orkestar.

Thursday May 26th 2016 – Taste Sessions – Taste, 36 Kingsgate, Doncaster – from 7.30pm, we will be the guests of Tony Nicholson.

Ethryll In the Media

Check our this fantastic article about Ethryll from Unsung Music Blog

What’s New With Us?

At our upcoming April gigs Ethryll will be premièring the first pieces from the new Jeanie Johnston suite, plus our other new song 2020 Vision.

Our existing song “Pothole Tambourine” now has added Vibraslap. It needed more vibraslap (thanks to Mel Lampro and Braver than Fiction for the inspiration). The packaging that the new toy came in also caused endless amusement. Nice one Stagg.

My new vibraslap came in dubiously branded packaging.
My new vibraslap came in dubiously branded packaging.


New short notice gig!

We have a new Short Notice gig for Ethryll this coming Friday 8th April.

It’s at West Street Ale House :- https://www.facebook.com/Studio54Sheffield

Hopefully we’ll see you there?

Gig Cancelled – 17th March

The Acoustic Thursday gig at Doncaster College, High Melton Campus has sadly been cancelled. We have been told that they have technical difficulties which cannot be rectified in time. We would like to give our apologies to anyone who was planning on coming to see us.

There is going to be a folk band,
On St Patrick’s Day,
All dressed up,
Nowhere to play,
Have you got a venue,
That’s without a band?
Send us a message quick,
We’ll try and lend a hand.

Failing all else we may go and find an open mic. night and play a song or two. We will post on Facebook, Twitter and the Website and let you know where we end up.

Our next gig is at West Street Live in April. Hope to see you there.

Thursday’s gig is CANCELLED

We’re sorry about this but we’ve only just heard ourselves – the entire event has been pulled!

We hope to reschedule there sometime in the future, but for now that is all we know.