Ethryll Newsletter – September 2016

Hello Ethryllites Everywhere! My Goodness, September Already!

Ethryll have been having an exciting summer. Between the excitement of some super gigs such as the Sheffield Tramlines Festival and our behind the scenes work on our first album “Murmuration” we have been busy little bees. More on both of these later. Firstly we would like to tell you about some upcoming chances to see us live.

Upcoming Gigs

Saturday 10th September 2016 – Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield.
Maer Atholl Shelter Music Marathon
13.00-21.30 (Ethryll on at around 21.00)
Ethryll will be performing this coming Saturday to help raise funds for the Maer Achol Shelter. This shelter provides help to street children in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and is an extremely worthy cause. We hope you can join us and dig deep to support their fantastic work.

Sunday 11th September 2016Flying Scotsman Tap, Silver Street, Doncaster
7pm until late
This event is an open mic night with a featured headlining band (that’s us this time). Knowing Doncaster’s lively and diverse open mic scene, you are in for a treat. Due to the nature of the event timings are a little fluid. Things kick off from 7pm, and we will be on at around 9-9.30 ish. We look forward to seeing any Doncaster Ethryllites who can make it along.

Tuesday 27th September 2016 – The Folk Train – Second Carriage
7.14pm to Manchester Picadilly from Sheffield Station (Please check platform on the night)
It is with immense excitement that Ethryll will be playing on the Folk Train. For the uninitiated, the Folk Train is the 19.14 to Manchester Picadilly from Sheffield Station on the 4th Tuesday of every month. Each month a featured folk band entertains the passengers between Sheffield and Edale, where everyone decamps to the The Rambler Inn and the entertainment continues until everyone returns on the 21.29 train to Sheffield with the band still playing. Recently the Folk Train has been hugely popular, so much so that there is overspill into the second carriage. September’s main band is the Porch Lizards. Ethryll will be performing in the second carriage to make sure all the folkie passengers are suitably entertained. Please note that Ethryll will not be performing at the Rambler Inn.

Tuesday 4th October 2016Ethryll at West Street Live
West Street Live, West Street, Sheffield
Doors at 7.30pm More information on other artists and timings to follow.

Tuesday 18th October 2016Ethryll supporting “What the Folk” at the RS Bar
The Royal Standard, 156 St Mary’s Road, Sheffield.
Doors from 7.30pm
Summer Fun

This summer as been a fantastic time. One of the highlights has been the Sheffield Tramlines Festival. We were invited to perform on the “Bird Table Stage” in the “Folk Forest” in Endcliffe Park by the excellent Richard Masters of Bell Hagg Orkestar (or you may remember him from Poke if you were a 90’s student). Weather wise, there could not have been a more perfect day. We got to sing “Burning Blue” under an actual burning blue sky as picnic blankets and knotted hankied heads filled the park in front of the stage. The atmosphere was amazing, and it was great to see so many young folk fans enjoying the day. Thanks to everyone who came to support us. Here are a couple of pics from the day.

Ethryll playing the Bird Table Stage at Tramlines Folk Forest in July 2016.
Ethryll playing the Bird Table Stage at Tramlines Folk Forest in July 2016.

13775397_1111062032288824_861143865059976302_n (1)
We also enjoyed a return to West Street Ale House (OMG the beer is sooooo good). Always a great place to play, and it was great to see so many friends there. We were up against the Olympics Opening Ceremony, but were very pleased (and slightly relieved) that we still got plenty of people in.


The work on Murmuration continues. We are still not yet at a point where we can give a release date, but we are still aiming for it to happen in 2016 if we can. Eel Reel with it’s miriad tempo changes has presented some distinct challenges, but no laptops have been hefted through windows (yet).

Ethryll April Newsletter

Welcome to Spring Ethryllites Everywhere!

Coming Up this April

Friday April 8th 2016 – West Street Ale House, Sheffield – from 8pm

Wednesday April 13th 2016 – West Street Live, Sheffield – from 7.30pm

Saturday May 14th 2016 – RoofRaiser for Refugees at Shakespeares, Gibraltar Street, Sheffield  – from 7.30pm. Ethryll will be the guests of Kingfisher Blue and The Bell Hagg Orkestar.

Thursday May 26th 2016 – Taste Sessions – Taste, 36 Kingsgate, Doncaster – from 7.30pm, we will be the guests of Tony Nicholson.

Ethryll In the Media

Check our this fantastic article about Ethryll from Unsung Music Blog

What’s New With Us?

At our upcoming April gigs Ethryll will be premièring the first pieces from the new Jeanie Johnston suite, plus our other new song 2020 Vision.

Our existing song “Pothole Tambourine” now has added Vibraslap. It needed more vibraslap (thanks to Mel Lampro and Braver than Fiction for the inspiration). The packaging that the new toy came in also caused endless amusement. Nice one Stagg.

My new vibraslap came in dubiously branded packaging.
My new vibraslap came in dubiously branded packaging.


Ethryll Newsletter


Hello Ethryllites! It’s time for you update of Ethryll news, and we have a very exciting month ahead in March 2016.

Upcoming Gigs – See Us Live

17th March 2016 – Acoustic Thursdays @ The Pavillion, Doncaster College, High Melton Campus

From 7.00pm. We are preparing a fantastic St Patrick’s Day themed set which focuses on our Irish folk music inspired works. Be prepared to get jiggy!

New Developments

Ethryll are currently working hard on some exciting new material based around the amazing story of the Jeanie Johnston. We hope to be premièring some of these at our March gigs. We also have a new song 2020 Vision, which takes a look into a future which is fantastical and dystopic by turns.

New Gear

We have been making a bit of an investment in our on-stage sound. Our March gigs will see the first outings of several new instruments including two beautiful acoustics and some new percussion that will really add more depth and interest.

Ethryll Newsletter #1 : February 2016


Welcome, Ethryllites to this, our first newsletter of hopefully many!

Rather than send you lots of individual emails we thought a simple newsletter every so often would be the best way of going, but of course we would love to hear your feedback – you can chat to us in our forums or on our facebook page or even on twitter 

If you’re reading this newsletter via the website or have come here from a link on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or any other site then remember you can get these delivered to your inbox by subscribing to our mailing list.

January was a busy month, comparatively speaking for Ethryll – with two gigs, one at West Street Live and one (a private birthday booking) at The Burton Street Project in Sheffield. Both were very successful, and in particular, the Burton Street Gig which was the first test for our own new PA and lights.


So what’s new?

If you haven’t seen, Kris has been very busy with the image of the band – both on the website with a total redesign of our online home, and with a new redesign of the logo. I think you’ll agree that the website looks absolutely great! We also have forums and a lot more content than the previous sites. You can join the website as a member and then you can contribute to discussions, comment on posts and interact in many more ways.

We now have a booking and diary system up and running – so if you’re thinking of booking us for a function, party or event you can check our availability.

We also have a small lighting setup and PA system. It’s only small but from little acorns…

Finally, we have some rather nice band photos – and a full band publicity photo. Feel free to use these in any publicity material regarding Ethryll. We have larger sizes of all of these available on request – just email us if you need them.



Forthcoming Gigs

We also now have a few more gigs in our books, plus a couple we’re currently hammering down final details on. These are confirmed:

Thursday 17th March – Acoustic Thursdays at High Melton College

Wednesday 13th April – Akoustica at West Street Live


But for now; fondest regards

Hannah, Jackie, Kris & Martin